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      Billy Cleavelin

      The subject of drop down noses is great. Imagine showing up to a event where the are mounted on your kart and there is no debate. That is exactly what every driver faced at the 2016 Rotax World Finals.  I was there this year and had first hand experience with it. I found that no one was getting punted from behind, in fact for the most part you didn’t see any of that except for the occasional Opps! In all of the races I participated during the event, even in the rain, it just didn’t happen. Yes I was a victim of one incident in a heat race, in the rain, where a driver slowed down and I didn’t get stopped in time thus pushing the nose in, but it happened. Afterwards in the scale line a Rotax official walk down the line and inspected each kart, the ones with the violation where photographed with a Ipad, and seconds later another official came with the penalty slip, you signed it, done.  I know this would be a huge step forward in reducing the carnage that seems to be increasing in today’s events. Its easy to say that the ones who argue against it are the problem drivers.


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