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      Just a reminder if you are coming to join us & run methanol please remember to have a fire bottle for that type of fuel. This is a rule that the track is enforcing. We also plan on having buckets of water along pit wall to help with this issue.

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      On Sunday two classes ran in the damp. One race was red flagged due to a down pour cutting the race about 2 laps short. Once the down pour was over the next class which was laydowns were given the op. to go out on slicks, rains, or not run. Out of about 12-15 karts only one person chose to run on rain tires. I am not sure how long they lasted but the kart finished the race. There was only one person who spun and wasn’t able to continue and that was due to them spinning on outside of the track.

      The last race of the day was 4 cycles mostly and all of them where given the same op. since there were still some puddles in the corners. None of those drivers chose to run on rain tires, and at the end of the race the track was   completely in the racing line.

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      Site is back up and the pictures are great! Thank you Jennifer for all of your hard work.

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      Southern Kart Club’s schedule is official

      Roebling- March 11-13 national

      Roebling- October 1-2

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      Do you know what that finally entry count was for the weekend?

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      SKC is hosting the WKA national at Roebling in March and we have a second event the first weekend in Oct for our club event. I welcome everyone to come join us in a few weeks for round two.

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      I cant help you on gearing but i can tell you that depending on set up the track can eat tires. brand new isnt a must but id have a set just in case.

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      the schedule and reg. is now online if you use the link on southern kart club’s website.

      it will be linked to skc’s facebook page as soon as i am able to.

      i hope to see everyone soon

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