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      jim molnar

      i have a set 4.5 fronts, 6.0 rear with a little wear and about 3 years of sitting around.

      with American pattern rims in excellent shape, $150



      have nice burris speedway rims with hg3’s new for cheap also

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      jim molnar

      find a dollar general and get some awsome. yellow cleaner is AMAZING!

      i used to use simple green but this awsome stuff is the stuff. spray kart down, set for 10 min and hose off. breaks down most of the nasty stuff. i follow up with cheap brake clean and another awsome bath after to nuetralize.

      then blow off with compresed air and coat with wd40….i head the pledge works well too but the wd40 keeps everything lubed up and makes it easier to clean the next time.

      been doing this process on everything from quads to karts for 30 years

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      jim molnar

      i dont know about hitting the wall, but if the kart is winning, then it will sell.

      no racer is going to be left behind when things change. if you think your winning because you out spend the other guy, ..then you are, because …your winning.

      and thats the real point here for me. if you do what everyone else is doing , its a crap shoot on who wins. if your tweaking and tuning and making the investment in RD to revolutionize the design of karts, and win…this is what it takes.

      sure ikart if they wanted to can trust some foreign manufacturer with thier designs and  make it for cheap, but that inst the program here. John Martin is on a mission to win.

      and he is doing it.

      making a 1000 hubs at $2 and selling for $55 a piece is for the staus quo companies not rocking the boat. this is the guy putting 16-20 hour days growing the business and watching his quality like a hawk. Being able to produce a prototype part in a hour and race it next day or same day. cant do that with big batches of parts from oversees shops. and what happens when the big guys start pushing their  orders to delay his stuff.

      remember the story of tucker and how the game is played.

      the time for fat catting will come when they have to lease his design to remain competitive…because real racers will gravitate to winning every time. That is the huge payday to shoot for. IBM makes more suing for patent infringement than they do actually selling their wares.

      the trick is surviving the time to get there. your point was well taken, but just rubbed me the wrong way.I dont think it is the time for them to be thinking about the mas production, its about getting the technology to a higher level, and THEN the mass production means to a end can be addressed.

      American made still means something VERY special to some of us. Don’t be disappointing in a company that is making the product their way and guarding their design and innovation very tight to the vest.


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      jim molnar

      ok that explains where they ( he ) is now….but how did he get there?

      from what i remember they had a nice kart with good to better performance and where growing good. Nothing a revolutionary as ikarts total departure from the norm of today’s kart design, but was defiantly moving forward…then??poof


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      jim molnar

      first where will you be racing?

      second what are others who win running?

      i have never bought a new kart yet. always found a used setup gets you more bang for your buck. then we would  give the kart a good rebuild with a few choice parts ( better bearings, new steering components, new brake pads….etc)

      but most important is to find a good mentor or trusted expert to help guide you thru the newbie pitfalls. and read everything you can get your hands on about setting up a kart..the older books still apply and are very simple to understand. do A when the kart does x….etc.


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      jim molnar

      wasting time and money making it in the USA?

      I think that that flag on the side means all of the kart was made here from the aluminum to the tubing. How can you be disappointed in a company willing to invest the extra mile?

      why not just have the whole thing sourced from the cheapest place possible? i heard they have great welders in the prisons of south east asia. maybe some toddlers in africa are willing to work for $1 a day to load the machines….?

      sir i think your missing the point.

      If anything that kinda commitment to me as a consumer means i should be willing to support that company and pay the extra bucks to put Americans to work and know your quality is the best it can be.

      I find it repulsive of companies to resell Chinese manufactured items as “assembled in the USA” and put the red white and blue on their products. When in reality they sourced from the cheapest place possible and hell the consumer is an idiot, we will sell them any thing and not be held accountable.

      I wish them them the best of luck in 2014 and hope to soon join them in victory circle.

      if your in it to make a fortune, karting isn’t the place to do it. If your in it to win at all costs and bring victory to your brand and let the others in the industry eat your dust….

      then ikart is your gladiator to bet on…

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