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      Italy is famous for having top quality kart tracks.  One such track is the South Garda Circuit which is a CIK-approved track.

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      Is it possible to email me some pictures of the kid size Leatt? My email address is

      Thank you,

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      Thanks guys for the suggestions. My boys are 10 and they started karting late last year but we only average 1-2 weekends a month of running. I certainly understand the part about distracting them while driving. It’s just that when we do the “pit talk” they understand the feedback I give them, but they often forget it when back on the track. I’ve only used radios once with them a few months ago (their instructor had one) and it seemed to work in terms of telling them precisely when to turn in or jump on the gas out of a corner.

      But I hear you. If I get one, I will go cheap as I don’t see it as a long term solution. I expect them to learn their lines and technique eventually and thus not rely on a radio going forward.

      Thanks again for the input.

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      I have a 2014 Tony kart with only 3-4 races on it.  Text me at 714-767-3380 if interested.  Also comes with a MyChron 4

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      Here some more background info on the motor…..

      I originally bought this motor around August of last year from someone who used it as a practice motor. My intention was to have my sons (who both race cadets) to practice running that type of motor in preparation for running the SKUSA season this year. Well, SKUSA dropped the mini-rok and moved to the mini-Swift engine late last year so I have no further use for the engine.

      I raced it only once since I bought it in September of last year. My tuner refreshed the motor soon after (which I had forgotten about, otherwise I would have listed it at a higher price) and ran one test session with his son right after and it’s been sitting in his shop ever since. The motor is currently located in San Diego, CA.

      The only things it doesn’t come with is the battery and the pipe. It has everything else and I’ll even throw in an engine mount too. If you want to see a picture, send me your email address and I’ll send you one.

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