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      Sorry Honda boyz, I guess my secret is out. I’m now a kz lover! By the way Rich,you where right the chain rubbed my case it was to large!

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      The closer you have the front hubs together on your spindle the more front grip you have, the further you space them apart from each other the less grip the front end has, Try adjusting the front hubs, I had the same problem on my gp kart

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      Thanks Clark your exactly right. Seeing all these receipts and invoices,  totals about what a very nice used car is worth!  Thanks for the advice I’ll have to give Michael a ring today. Much appreciated Thanks again.

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      I have been told that a good starting point is to look for karts 2007 and up if your looking to purchase used.

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      What tracks do most of the shifter guys race mostly?  I called the guys at imi they say they have a big open shifter class??

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      How big are the stock motor fields?? What track do you guys race at? I’m from Colorado,  started karting in Phoenix while in college (Shifter) . Recent job offer moved me back home. I’m trying to buy a Kart but have been told that shifters are not popular and that Briggs was the most supported class? Nothing against any racer but that class is not appealing to me any advice guys. Thanks

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      Hey fred, lets cut the bull !! tell the good folks on ekn what Really happen! Telling everyone i scammed you , tell them your false criminal claim against me, the emails!! Doesnt have the balls to be a real man and apologize,but you had big balls when you where posting negitive comments and emails. Your lucky i dont sue you for telling paypal and the banks i stole money from your account!!!  does a scammer offer someone a full refund after paypal has decided in my favor for this? everything you have said isnt true !!! now man up!! you put much effort in ruining my name, but hasnt put forth the same effort to make things right  ! Wonder who really sounds like the scammer?


Viewing 6 reply threads