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    Russ Bond

    Hello, I have a Zip GP that I recently picked up still with a 256 Rotax. The kart and engine are complete, but in need of a rebuild. The engine was stored correctly inside since 2006. Originally Dave Dicks kart in Canada…..

    My questions are as follows – 1 – is it worth anything as is and 2 – if I have it restored…is it worth anything?


    Russ Bond

    Photos? email me at r.bond@russbondagency.com

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    nigel cooper

    I think thats a great find.Wish  I had one.I think you can get replacement parts via Britain.More qualified guys will have more to say.

    What ever happened to your Honda fuel injected  4 stroke CBR125 sportbike engined shifter kart?  That was a real nice piece of machinery!

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    Russ Bond

    Nigel, thanks for the note…you  can have one….this one…..

    I still have cbr125 shifter kart….still hasn’t broken….2years running, never touched a thing and it has really been run hard…..wish I had 10 more of them….RB

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