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    Jeremy Baldi

    For sale 2011 Zanardi KZ (built by CRG) with TM k9b on it.

    Chassis is in great condition.  It has VEN05 brakes, upgraded pedals and full width metal bumper for road racing.  I also have the plastic bumper if you want that, and have new Zanardi sticker kit for it as well.  TM k9b is being rebuilt right now so will be completely fresh.  It has TM kz10b exhaust with the heavy duty EGT sensor.  Kart comes with Mychron 3 gold gauge and steering wheel. Carb has the Dellorto main jet adjuster kit so no more changing jets.  Extra set of wheels with almost brand new Vega greens on them.  Package is ready for gas and to race.

    Someone is interested in just the engine so package is also available as roller with rad, gauge and extras wheels/tires as well

    Kart will be in Cleveland, OH.  Or could bring to AKRA / Dart Kart road race at Pitt Race the weekend of 9/29-10/1

    Asking $3800 for complete kart.  $2000 for roller with extras.

    Call or text 440-821-4219 or email at skillege at ymail.com

    IMG_5915 by sm08_jb[/url], on Flickr

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    Jeremy Baldi

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    Jeremy Baldi

    Updated listing


    Jeremy Baldi

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    Jeremy Baldi

    Updated price.

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Dan Dragoi

    Hi, I’d be interested in the roller.  Still available?  What is your updated price? Any issues to address?



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    Jeremy Baldi

    Everything is sold.

    Jeremy Baldi

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