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      RW Jan

      I currently have a Rotax and I’m interested in a motor change.

      MY buddy just got a IAME X30 and I’m faster in that kart even when the kart isn’t set-up for me. I always seem to have problems with Rotax carb adjustments and waste lots of time on practice days tuning it. The IAME seems to be less tinkering with the carb. My goal is to race TaG Senior or Masters at my local tracks only for fun.

      Should I stick with my Rotax Max FR125 or is it time to move to a different motor?

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      Chuck hurlbert

      Your logic is the reason I’m looking at an x30 but id be coming from shifter.

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      Brian Spek

      We had a great 09 Rotax that would beat the X30’s, but our other 3 Rotax’s were around .6 sec slower on a .8mile track. We bought an X30 since more of them were appearing locally, pulled it out of the box and ran it with factory carb settings w/ no problem.  We read the plug and will make slight top end changes if it looks rich, but other than that, nothing.  So far on the X30 I am 25 hrs on bottom end and changed top end at 15 hrs. X30 will probably do 2 top ends and 1 full rebuild to get me to 50 hrs vs Rotax we would do 3 top ends to get to 50 hrs, so X30 will be more $ to maintain…but revving to 16000 is cool.  Not sure what the EVO upgrade will do for you if you get one.

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      RW Jan

      Thanks you guys for your input. I haven’t gave up on my Rotax yet. BUT I’m interested in what other guys are doing….

      I have purchased the EVO upgrade and believe the upgrade is worth it. I’m just having a “flat spot” at around 12,100 rpm’s for about 100-120 ft. then the rpm’s would shoot up to 13,000 plus at the end of the straightway. I only been out a couple times this year with the EVO and haven’t dialed it in yet.

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      Ray Chiappe

      I was at a Road Race this week end and got my back side handed to me by two friends out with their brand new X30’s. Couple the tight turns with a tall gear ratio and the X30 seemed to have a much broader torque span. When my Rotax fell off the pipe I didn’t stand a chance.

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      Jack Cook

      Ray I went to theX30 also I was at the Road race also I finished behind you. At least my set up at the Slow hairpin you and the other X30’s got off that corner better. I like the X30 I’m the guy that had the Rotax EVO at Willow Springs  that I could not get it to work. Changed to X30 and not looking back. The Rotax is sitting in a box wanting a new home.

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      Jim Derrig

      Hate to make the debate more complex, but I’ve driven the X30, the Rotax (not Evo yet, though) and the Leopard, and the X125t will beat them all.

      It’s not even a close call.  Power band as broad as the X30 but with that fat midrange like a Rotax with the power valve set just right.  At practice yesterday I was sticking to the tail of a (decent, non-rookie) shifter driver coming off of corners.

      Same carb as the X30 or the Leopard (your choice).  TaG USA and IKF legal now too.  Smoothest 125cc 2-stroke motor I’ve ever driven.  No vibration.  None.

      Time will tell, but I’m at 12 hours on mine right now and not anywhere near needing top or bottom end maintenance.  And Italian Motors will give you a $1000 trade-in on your old engine.

      Only complaints I have is that it drinks a lot more gas than the other motors–almost 6 gallons for a 2-day, single-class gold cup event.  Guess that extra power has to come from somewhere.  And with the built-in water pump and oversized  radiator it takes forever to warm up on cool days (part of the reason for the fuel consumption).  I’ll have to spring for a thermostat next fall.

      Seriously, I was an X30 fan until I got ahold of one of these.  If you try it you’ll buy it.

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