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      Daniel White

      Just want to hear from those who have owned (or driven) different karts, their strengths and weaknesses, their characteristics, and how you would rank them.

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      tony zambos

      It would help you if you add addition information, such as, class, motor and your size. The same chassis would get different reviews depending if it had a Briggs, a Yamaha or a TaG on it. Or a bigger driver using a 32mm chassis with a shifter engine would be might say a chassis is fine, where as a lighter dirver with a Yamaha would not be pleased.

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      TJ Koyen

      This is also tough to do because of how driving styles differ. And a lot of drivers tend to blame the chassis for their shortcomings so that skews the opinions a bit as well.

      The reality is, most karts are pretty similar in how they drive. I’ve been on 4 different brands in the past few years. The OTK product feels more front-end biased on turn-in and really hikes the wheel with steering input. The ART kart I was on for a year felt a bit opposite. It didn’t react as quickly, but for whatever reason, it really excelled at apex and off the corner. The Merlin I was on for many years was really pretty balanced on entry and exit; it felt very neutral.

      On all karts we kept the baseline setup mostly and on all karts we achieved podium results, wins, and fast qualifying times on a national level. Just different ways to skin a cat.

      I’m sure you’ve heard it a dozen times, but almost any kart can win given the right driver.

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      Daniel White

      Tony, I’m interested in perspectives on 2-stroke packages. I currently race Yamaha Pipe (Spec-pipe) and plan to continue, although I may go back to a TAG at some point (I raced a Rotax from 2008-2011). I’m average build, 5-11 and I’m around 180.

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      Mick Gabriel

      Drove three different karts in a span of 7 months at a national level Tony Kart, iKart, and ART GP. All three were very fast in their own ways and had their own distinctive driving styles and achieved wins and podiums on all three. I favor the Tony because I grew up on one and favor a responsive front end and the driving style. Not many people know about the iKart made in Indy but it’s also a very fast kart that has more grip than any chassis made and required a very aggressive style to go fast. The ART GP was very conventional and straight forward to drive in my view being a bit forgiving with a slower front end but like TJ said was very potent center out. Get the seat right and pick you’re color.

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      Jay Sinon

      my daughter has had a couple different karts we started on a Mike Wilson and since then we have had two OTK Kosmic Mercury’s. Like TJ said the right driver can win on anything but the things I like about the OTK karts  are the brake systems so many karts have brake systems that constantly need shims added and subtracted to keep them working were the otk has a automotive style master cylinder that adds fluid to the calipers as the pads were down constantly keeping proper adjustment, also I find that the front end seems to have a lot of adjustment for the caster and camber.

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      Brock Weiss

      We have driven a OTK Kosmic Kart for the last two years and I have to say we have done very well for never being In karting before..Our first year my son won junior rookie of the year and last season we were runner up in KPV Junior….I mention this because my son has two years experience and he was winning races against kids that have been racing for nine years and I don’t believe he would have done as well as he has if he wasn’t in a OTK….

      However with that said one of the major complaints we had with it was when it got really hot out his kart went from first place to last place because it gripped up really bad to where it had no power at all coming out of the corners and we tried every adjustment to get it to free up…….I don’t know if others have this problem or just us but it was a huge headache thst we had….But like I  said, he was runner up last year and won five races last year and six second place finishes against kids that have three times the experience he had….So I’m sure the kart had alot to do with it…..

      This year we are switching karts to the new COMPKART from J3 Competition as it is new but has already been very successful on the national scene with wins at the FWT and Rotax Challenge of America’s so hopefully it will be just as good as OTK Karts

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      Ted Hamilton

      My 1998 Tony//Kart Esprit was AWESOME in the rain…

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      Walt Gifford

      I had a Rupp A bone that would slide sideways for days.


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      Mike Myers

      My son has driven Tony Kart, Ikart, Arrow, and  PCR chassis, we run have run Rotax and Tag in Jr and now SR. Tony karts are good, but PCR has better brakes and better initial tun in and over all better tune ability.  We have had better success with PCR, easier to tune as track changes. Plus OTK product are disposable, they are good out of the box but do not last.  3 championships last year. 5th in KZ at supernats after starting 18th. Just my opinion.

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