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    Matt Clark

    Cold temps necessitated me bringing my engine inside to avoid any nasty side-effects, so I have a contemporary art piece for a few days.

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    Mike Bray

    I like it!  My wife is pretty tolerant, might see if I can get away with a new centerpiece for the table.

    BTW, love the pictures on the walls!


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    Matt Clark

    I’m going for the “minimalist” approach :P

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    Brad Alan

    I like where your priorities are!  I have been forced to keep my engines in a box in a closet for the winter. Perhaps if I can take your approach my wife would clean them as part of her weekly dusting routine?!

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    Mike Bray

    Kelby, can you set your GoPro up when you ask her?



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    Brad Alan

    Haha – She’ll probably take them off the table and throw them out in the snow…

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    Walt Gifford

    I got you guys beat, I had a whole frame in the dining room for a week because the new paint wouldn’t dry in the garage.

    You know your a bachelor when there’s nobody at the end of the straight giving you worried looks every lap.


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    Troy Berry

    When she left, it occurred to me that if I wanted to work on the kart in the house nothing was really stopping me. :-) I had my kids Cadet in the Dining room last winter as I rebuilt it from scratch. Had it in the house for about a month right on the dinning room table. I will admit that I took it back to the garage once the Motor was mounted. Why not, it was warm in the house! Haha

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