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      brian downing

      My son raced his first full season last year as Yamaha Sportsman, turning 13 mid summer, we started prepping for Yamaha Jr for 2015. On our first weekend, we were the only Yamaha Jr entry! What’s happened to the poor, plain old KT100 platform?
      So, we had to upgrade to TaG to have any real racing and since my son was already jumping from the HP change from Sportsman, skipping YJr, I figured the PRD Spec series would give us an affordable, level playing field, and I was right, it did. However, there are still too few entries and we are limited to a few series (which we like and enjoy).

      So, my question(s).

      Can we add an IAME, and stay with the pack (I don’t care about tenths of a second yet, we’re still developing the driver) without blueprinting and spending a ton of cash?

      I’m sure this is opening a can of worms but, Leopard vs X30 for someone getting into non-spec TaG?

      What can we expect in terms of expense, other than initial purchase price?
      What is essential and non-optional?



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      Jim Derrig

      No answer can be universally valid across the entire U.S., so you’ll have to tell us where you are located, where you race, and whether you intend to compete on a local, regional, or national scale.

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      brian downing

      In NJ.
      Local, but regional when and if possible.

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      Jim Derrig

      To answer your question, IAME motors were designed from the ground up to be kart racing motors, so they don’t have nearly the room for improvement through blueprinting that the KT-100 has.  You can run competitively right out of the box, and a lot of people do.  Certainly at a local-and-occassional-regional level.

      Not sure why you can’t run the PRD where ever you plan to run a Leopard.  The PRD is basically a Leopard clone, and I’ve watched decent drivers in PRD’s have good local success against Leopards.

      The Leopard is being phased out so if you are buying new, the X-30 is the way to go.  Neither should be more expensive to run than a PRD.  The X-30 should have a longer rebuild cycle than the Leopard (30 hours versus 20, depending on how hard you drive).

      However, there are a couple of new Leopards on sale here: http://www.italianmotorsusa.com/products/leopard-my09


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      Chuck hurlbert

      I would vote x30 from what i know (never driven one). I base this off that the prd has insane vibration and the x30 is supposed to be much smoother. The x30 and TaG is strong in most regional series.

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