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    Jeff Brown

    The Yamaha class is gaining interest . There are many events across the country to attend. Most of them you will get 3 days of unlimited track time 3 heats of competition a kart show and a meal for $100 or less.

    New castle is June 16,17 & 18 2016. The guidelines are chassis 1985 and older IE  1 1/4 axle no side pods  100cc motor, gas, stock carb, DXL type clutch. No modern dry mini clutch, any pipe, 56 durometer tire IE MG RED.

    For more info e mail Jeff Brown invaderjb@gmail.com

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    Shawn Welte

    It’s a good strong, well attended class through out many of the events in the Midwest, with some very skilled drivers.

    Bug - Alley Kat II - McCulloch - Coyote - B&S LO206

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    Rob Howden

    I have Mike Birdsell building me a 1982 Margay Xpert II right now, and we’re going to put a Yamaha on it.  I hope to get it out to a couple events in 2016.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    Shawn Welte

    Excellent Rob.  Good to see, I think you will have some good fun in that. Definitely come on over and see the Welte crew.  Maybe we’ll even arrange for you to go out and practice in a vintage rear.  I have to get a little faster to keep up with Jeff there in the rear karts.  It was a heck of a lot of fun running with him and Troy at Delmar.

    You can definitely pick some great tracks to run at Rob.  And there will be independent races at Quincy and Concept Haulers Motor Speedway as well.  My dad and I made it to vintage races at New Castle, Springfield Mid State Kart Club, Sugar River in Brodhead all 3 vintage races, Quincy, Concept Haulers, Delmar, and of course we ran just the Saturday at the Rock Island Grand Prix in the dual rear engine karts.

    Bug - Alley Kat II - McCulloch - Coyote - B&S LO206

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