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      Anthony DePalo

      I’m buying a box stock X30 and was wondering how much of a difference blueprinting makes on this motor because I heard they are really good out of the box. Got prices as high as $1200 just to blueprint a brand new one. Has anyone here ran a stock one against a blueprinted one and seen a difference? The prices seem ridiculous since there are no new parts needed other than maybe seals and gaskets. Doesn’t seem like much could be done to these motors to justify the cost of a blueprint in my opinion.

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      Rod Clinard

      To answer your question, No.  I haven’t done a comparison..  I did, however, buy an X30 from Comet kart.  They offered a blue printed version for 400$ more if I remember correctly.  Is it faster?  Probably…  400$ worth of speed…?  I would think it depends on how competitive your gonna run.  Club level, regional, national?



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      lynn haddock

      $ 1200, really

      I would consider that a very bad JOKE


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      Walt Gifford

      Paying less and having almost nothing done is the joke. As someone who does the work for real, 1200 on an X30 sounds reasonable and 1500 is more the norm for everything that goes into it.


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        Tim Pappas

        $1500?  And we wonder wtf is wrong with karting?  $1500 for what?  I sure would like a list of things that were done for my money.  Not just “it’s blueprinted”.  We used to charge $1500 labor to build an open moto. Machined the head, ported the cyllinder, machined and ported the cases, machined the clutch, machined and bored the carb, and stuff I’m probably forgetting.  So I would sure want to know what $1500 gets you on a spec engine that disallows all of that.

        The sad thing is that people will charge that and sadder yet, people will pay that.

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      https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000855793916&fref=ts   Here you go Ant…   Am Engines can get you going.

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      lynn haddock

      Amen Tim

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      I’m not sure what the X30 specs are with respect to what is allowed to be done to them, BUT we do run Leopards with the WKA/WKC road race series.

      With WKA road racing, you more or less can NOT touch anything.  With our new MY09 Leopard, Brian Fisher pulled the crank a to make sure it was square, gave it a couple more thousandths piston clearance, and set up the carb.  The thing runs great and has won it’s share of races.  I believe Brian charged us a couple hundred for his labor.

      I would expect a TOTAL rebuild on a well worn engine would run you a $1000 or so.  But you’re replacing a bunch of parts and doing a total tare down and rebuild!!

      Just my opinion,

      Clark Sr.

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      Christian Fox

      “Blueprinting” a spec motor, in my small, relatively inexperienced world, simply means having a motor builder take apart, go through and reassemble the motor more carefully than Luigi/Hans did at the Iame/Rotax factory. This should be a $300 or so job, and worthwhile in my opinion. If your builder starts swapping parts and dyno testing, this is no longer “blueprinting”, it’s “part selection” (and where things get very expensive). For $1,200 I would expect a lot more than a tear-down/re-build.

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      Greg Wright

      Christian, There is a little more being done than just reassembling the engine, in many cases there is minor machine work to be done, and certainly clearancing is involved.

      Having said that the $1200-$1500 dollar figures being bandied about are beyond ridiculous. Your dollar estimates are in the general range possibly a bit low but not by much.

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      Ted Hamilton

      I’d want a detailed listing of what my blueprinter did, regardless of price.

      Or I’d learn to do it myself and save money in the long run.

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      Laurence Curran

      I run the X30 in my team here in the UK. Out of the box the engine needs a few hours running before it loosens up but once it does then they are very good. Once you have the Tillotson set properly and the squish adjusted from new, thats it, just run it and forget about it.

      I’d say blueprinting is a waste of time on these engines, they really are very good compared to the Rotax which is the opposite and definitely worth have selected parts for.

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      Anthony DePalo

      Actually got a few new quotes for $600 from some good builders, beats the $1200 quote but still not cheap considering it’s on a brand new engine. Wish the rules would change to running them box stock. The engine builders would still make money on rebuilds. The $ is the biggest problem with this sport. Now I understand why the L206 is growing so fast but I think it’s just too slow of an engine compared to tag. Wish I had the money to buy the 8 different motors you need to run all the different series out there. Lol


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      TJ Koyen

      The problem with “box stock” rules is that the engines are NOT all identical from the factory, regardless of how hard they try.

      That’s how you end up with people buying 15 engines and picking the best one or two. And that seems a bit more expensive than blueprinting so they are all the same spec for the most part.

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