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    andy graham

    so what are the true service intervals for top and bottom end on an x30?  I’ve heard reviews of 20+ hours on top and +/-40 hrs on the bottom end. and others tell me 8-10 hrs max on the top, 20 on the bottom…so which is it?  hard to believe a motor that turns 16k could last the claimed 20/40 hours….I’m considering the trade in deal, but want some solid answers before I commit.


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    James McMahon

    Well for what it’s worth ive read that it was run for 24hrs as part of a 24hr event. So I guess 20 on the piston is safe. Will it still be fast after 20hrs? That’s the question and the answer is probably where the 10/20 answers you are getting are coming from.

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    Peter Zambos

    I think T.J.’s had some experience with it, if my feeble memory serves.  You could PM him, or maybe he’ll just miraculously appear…

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    andy graham

    had a good conversation with tj about the x30…he’s a good guy, and honest and gave me some good feedback, however he’s at a much higher level of competitive driving than I am  so gotta take that into account, his required service  would be different than mine

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    Jim Russell, Jr

    X30 would be about 4-8 hours top end for a national level racer. 10-15 for a club racer to keep good performance. Double on bottom end for each.

    Be sure an add in cost of more bearings, seals, oil and gears for the counter balancer over your current Leopard maintenance cost.

    Yes it can last much longer but at a big performance drop and high wear on many parts.

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    andy graham

    well put Jim, that’s about what I had figured out — asking about service intervals is kinda like asking how much does a car cost?…..it depends….the whole reason I started this thread was because I’ve been trying to “thin the heard” and came across some REALLY OLD RMax stuff as well as some non-functional parts…the trade in deal for the X30, IAME will take any TAG engine, running or not, as long as it’s complete on trade.  So I was able to sell off some of my stuff but cant see that these old rotax parts would be of much value with some being now illegal to use in Rmax comp.   I was thinking of reinvesting the money I’d made from selling some parts, couple that with the old rotax parts and bingo!, a new X30!

    I currently run rotax and its getting to be time for service.  I like the rotax’s relatively low maintenance and dependability, but would like something that is a bit more responsive than what I currently have….if that makes sense.

    As for service —   The thought of having similar service intervals as the Max is attractive, even more so knowing that I could preform nearly any service the engine would need with the exception of crank work.  Not to say that I’d dump the Max, but it might not get as much track time as an x30 if both are in the garage.  Furthermore, being relatively new to karting, I think I’d be closer to the 15-20 hr service than the 10 hr service, no way I could push one to its limits with me behind the wheel, not at 45 and six coronary stents.

    I plan on trying out some local racing with my son for the fun of it this winter and spring here in FL, so the thought of having a few HP at the same weight as my buddies that I would run TAG Master with is attractive also.  So, there’s my story….I appreciate all the input on the thread, this thread and the Leopard v. x30 thread are two of the best Ive read on the new site yet….very, very honest and on topic….thanks guys, I’ll let you know how it ends up.



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    Jim Russell, Jr

    The trade in deal is Italian Motors only to move stagnant inventory. This is not an IAME sponsored program. If it was myself, the other X30 importers in the USA would be promoting it also.


    sounds like you have the perfect engine to trade in with this deal.

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