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    Taylor Young

    Are many people running the stock radiator that comes with the X30? It was very hot at the Skusa Spring Nationals and almost everyone was running a larger radiator. I’m wondering if a larger aftermarket radiator is necessary when you’re racing in 80-90 degree weather as well. Anyone have experience?

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    Jack Cook

    I would say go big and use a curtain. You can always reduce air flow and control water temp. You can not do much with a small radiator except put an air scoop or stand it up more.

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    Larry Stevens

    Check your club rules first before making any changes to any Tag packages! For road racing with NCK you are suppose to run the stock radiators and a curtain is not legal because they are not supplied as part of the X30 engine package. I have run my Leopard for 7 years with no overheating problem even when running in 107 degree heat.

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