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      I have been battling an X30 onboard starter issue for the entire year of 2020. We have been using an external starter with no problems. The engine will fire right up when using the external starter, but when I try and use the onboard it will just keep turing over and not fire. We have replaced the entire starter and the engine will still not fire on its own.  What could be some ideas that I could try to reslove this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      tony zambos

      I’ll assume here that the Bendix is engaging and the engine turns over but does not start. First suspect would be a weak battery or a loose battery connection or poor ground. If you’re using a 12v 7Ah battery, switch to 9Ah. You might want to try using the battery from the external starter.
      The second suspect would be low compression.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Dan Brown

      Tony gave you some great advice, go with the largest amphour battery you can . Typically when you get a spin but no fire condition, it’s because the engine is not turning over fast enough for the C box to detect, so it doesn’t tell the ignition to fire. We use a 12V power supply to charge our tag batteries, a standard charger stops charging when the battery is around 12 volts. The power supply will charge the battery to around 14.5 volts , and it will start every time. It hasn’t harmed a battery yet, we typically run the same 6 batteries for an entire season ( we are a 3 kart team) and replace them during the off season every year.

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