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      Ryan Ouellette

      I purchased an Odenthal EZ set motor mount. The bolts bottom out in the engine case. Is there a plate that goes between the mount and engine or should I just shorten the bolts? Any info will be much appreciated.

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      Dave Steffler


      Here is what I have found but I’m open to other info from the experts.

      I purchased a new X30 in late February 2015 which came thru KartSport NA the US importer.  It did not come with the vibration plate and it uses the newer Tillotson carb.  When I checked I was told the plate is not used anymore.

      I’m using a Odenthal PRMax 10 deg mount.  I also had the same bolt problem and went with bolts 5 mm shorter.  There is a minimum thread engagement spec in the instructions and even with the shorter bolts this is exceeded.

      If there is any other info I’d like to know, I have not fired this engine combo yet.


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      Larry Stevens

      No you don`t need a vibration plate because the X30 has a balance shaft for vibration purposes. If you need the extra weight on your kart it is a good place to put it so you could use the plate for that purpose, just make sure you use the M8 bolt spec of 16mm to 19mm as the instructions say when installing the engine mount to the engine!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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