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    Ryan Ouellette

    I am looking to have my X30 “Blueprinted”.  I run in the Northeast.  I am looking for opinions on engine builders.  What are differences between “Blueprinted” or “Stock”, HP gains, performance gains, preference of builders (why?).  Being located in the Northeast, would it be beneficial to have it done by someone on the eastcoast?


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    Tim Koyen

    If, by blueprinting, you mean putting their sticker on it, almost anyone can do that.  They run so good out of the box, and there is almost nothing that can be legally done.  Having the carb setup professionally is probably worth it though.

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    TJ Koyen

    I’ll echo what my dad said and just note that most of my results this year have been on out-of-the-box X30s. They are solid from the factory. But yes, carbs might be worth looking at.

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    Walt Gifford

    Where in the north east?


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      jt colegrove

      I have a Manning, and another that I built.  I had Comet hone / fit a new piston, and had them re-assemble my crank with a new rod kit.  Aside from a very poor package job on the return trip, comet did a great job.

      I re-assembled the motor after they did the crank and cylinder, and it’s dead nuts with my MMK motor at big places like NJMP.

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