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      Rick Kopp

      4- X-30 engines for sale.

      All engines have been blueprinted and maintained by Innovative engineworks @ Franklin Motorsports. USPKS X-30 Masters championship motors.

      #1 complete kit. Serial# 008868 54.7G piston size. Fresh complete rebuild with dyno and breakin time only. Latest version. Includes New radiator, waterpump, hoses, wiring harness,battery box and air box,  with used pipe- 2 race weekends.        $2800

      #2 complete kit. Serial# Z1797 54.17G piston size. 2.5 hours on complete rebuild. Latest version. Includes: Used radiator, waterpump, wiring harness, battery box, air box and pipe.     $2200

      #3 Serial# P1597 54.17G piston size. Fresh top end , dyno and breakin only. Bottom end has 6 hours. Includes new style ignition and pipe. old style air box and radiator. no wiring harness or waterpump.     $1600

      #4 Serial#P4368 54.17G ppiston size. 8 Hours on top end. 16hours on bottom end. New style ignition and crank bearings. New crank on last complete rebuild. Includes: old style pipe, header, airbox and radiator. no wiring harness.          $1100

      All prices include shipping to the continental U.S.




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