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      Bjork Denil

      I am racing TAG Rotax Sr. and would like to get a starter collection of tools and parts. I have an used Top Kart Speedy (32mm) chassis. I would like to have:

      #219 sprockets – I currently have a 78 tooth on my kart which works okay on the one track I have been to. I would like a range of them for visiting other tracks and for fine tuning at the local track.

      Spark plugs for the rotax fr125

      Brake bleeding tool – needs to go into a 10mm threaded hole in the master cylinder

      Bead breaker or tire changer tools

      Tire shroud to protect from explosions when filling air and seating tire onto wheels.

      Top Kart brake pads or rotors

      Top kart magnesium wheels

      #219 – 114 length chains – DID or O-ring

      Any other tools that I may need but dont know that I do




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      Bjork Denil

      And I forgot about alignment tools – preferably the laser kind – any brand is fine.

      Seat weights – I need 10 lbs

      2-stroke oil

      Chain lube etc

      Neck braces

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