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      Danny Perez

      Hi y’all,

      Looking for a mychron 2 pc loader, I know these are hard to come by, but I’m just seeing if someone might have one for sale.

      I just picked up an energy kart which came with a mychron2 and wanted to start learning how to analyze datalog information to improve myself.

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      tony zambos

      I looked up the m2 pc loader cable and it appears that it transmits via an infrared signal. Don’t think you’re going to find many pc’s with an infrared port, but good luck finding the cable. You might want to try the obvious and contact AIM. Their service is always great. Consider looking for a newer used gauge, an M3 or M4. Don’t think that AIM’s Race Studio supports an M2 and you’ll really want to have and use Race Studio, whiich is free.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Danny Perez


      I’ve tried contacting AIM, but they haven’t made it since 12 years ago. It’s actually an infrared reader that connects to the vga port.

      If i cant find one, then ill just have to save up for an m3 or m4. I cant really justify spending 400 dollars on a datalogging unit for a kart that i paid 300 dollars for that im just going to ride around for fun.

      Thabks for the advice!

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      Danny Perez



      Here is what I’m looking for.

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