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      Will McDonough

      I broke my pto crank halve looking for a nother one.  And a shop I can get them to put crank together

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      Dan Brown

      Will, not sure if you plan on racing that kart or if you are just gonna play with it for fun,  but that bent crank is an expensive fix. Just for a decent crank half, new bearings, bottom end seals and labor to press and true the crank you are probably going to spend somewhere around $300-$400. I am guessing your clutch is ruined now too after the chain took out the crankshaft, a new clutch  for a kt runs around $350.  If its an older kart, or you just plan on playing around at a local track, you would probably be money ahead to but a complete running used kt with a clutch from a local shop or off a member here. Basic used engine packages can be bought for usually around $500 or so, and you could sell yours off for parts . Might even be cheaper to pick up another inexpensive kart with a running kt, I see them around here pretty cheap from time to time. Trashing a crank is a tough lesson, they are expensive to fix. I had a clutch come loose on a kt  and tear up the crank badly. I stuck it on the shelf and plan on keeping it for parts in case one of our others has a problem.

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