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    Kevin Reguera

    Hi, I’m looking to but a kart and have been looking on CL for months now without finding what I want so I thought I’d give this a try.

    I’m looking for a kart, complete or roller.


    A newer chassis that’s in very nice condition and needs very little.  The kart must be a top of the shelf kart and only from a name brand maker that has parts I can find online.  ItalKart, CRG, Tony, ect.

    Engine, 2 strokes with CR80, Kt100, or other 100cc.   4 strokes, briggs 206 or world formula only.  It also must be able to handle for me to be able to switch back and forth between the Briggs L206 and a kt100.

    I’m 5’06” 165lbs and want to be competitive with my local club that runs the 206 on a sprint track.

    Please let me know what you have….thanks.

    Budget from $2500-$3500 range…shipped to Northern California.



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    Daniel White

    Dave Baker has posted an ad on our club’s site. The kart may be just what you are looking for: a Tonykart with very few races on it, and a CMC prepped KT-100. I think it’s around $2500. Check georgiasprintkarting dot net

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    Kevin Reguera

    Thanks Daniel…I’ll check that out!


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    Paul Hir

    Email and PM sent I have a kart in excellent condition

    FS or FT 2011 Arrow Warrior with Briggs and Stratton L0206

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    Dustin Flores

    Sent you an email. .

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