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      Robert Fisher

      Hi all,

      I’m looking to get into the TaG class in the Atlanta area (so AMP mostly). I’m mostly interested in finished karts, but if there is a steal I can look at a roller. I’ve got my eye on a few Arrows chassis with 125 Rotaxs, but everyone seems to be getting out of Rotax anyway, but I’d be interested in anything and everything within 2 hours of Atlanta. Heck, I’d look at a shifter if the price is right.


      Budget is up to 3.5K, but I can probably go up to 5K if I find something amazing.

      Email: robertfishergt@gmail.com

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      Is this a good option?

      I know the guy real well, and can be shipped for less than $150 to your town


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      Robert Fisher

      I’d really like to try before I buy, and I would very much like to find somebody with an X30. But thanks for the offer!

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      Richard Harriman

      Are you still looking?   I am getting out of TAG class.  I have a 2014 TopKart with Rotax on it. Only thing “wrong” is a chip in the brake rotor but it hasn’t hurt performance any. ($200) fix.   I’m selling the kart complete, jump in and hit start for $4500.  I also have a 2009 Birel R31 rolling chassis no seat for $1300.   I would consider putting the engine on the 2009 and sell running for $3200.   I live in Charlotte and could meet you half way, that’s about 2 hours drive for each of us.




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      Cody Elliott

      08 merlin that can be a shifter. Just need a clutch lever. With a rotax fr125. All parts go with it (spindles, hubs, gears) everything i have for it. $1500

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