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      Justin Martin

      Hey all, I am currently mounting a live video feed to my kart. It is very small and capable of being mounted to either a helmet, or the kart its self. Total weight is about 100 grams. I could also add a remotely operated pan/tilt (meaning a global panning system able to look up, down, and side to side via a control in the pit)

      I am just curious if anyone would be interested in a live video feed back to your pit?

      It isn’t anything AMAZING, as it would only transmit an analog signal at just above 480P… It IS possible to transmit HD video, however encoding and decoding of video becomes much more complicated, range is cut shorter, equipment is much larger and heavier, (to the point where it isn’t worth it), and it might have a delay. An analog signal has no noticeable delay.

      It looks great on anything from a 10″ to 20″ screen before it starts looking crappy.

      The system would be able to either shoot from a small camera (camera is only about 1/2″, however the processing board on the back is about 1.25″ square circuit board.) It is also possible to transmit live video through a gopro, while also recording on the GoPro its self. (note, the transmit video is still only 480p, however the recorded video would be whatever is set on the GoPro.) It is also possible to record and stream from a keychain size camera. (Think the clicker for your vehicle) It can record up to 1080p, while streaming at 480p, however it doesn’t handle lighting as well as a GoPro.

      Disclaimer, I know Gatorz and SKUSA only allow certain cameras to be used. I have not found a rule about a live video stream. Being that it is possible to utilize a GoPro, it may not technically be a violation of rules (as of yet…)

      Anyways, I would love to hear from you guys. I am willing to continue developing the camera for use by others. Currently I only have it set up for my own uses at the moment. If I see enough interest in it I will start a Kickstarter in order to make the equipment more user friendly, in a “ready-to-go type package, as well as a plug-n-go package, which you would supply your own GoPro. (My current set up uses lithium batteries, which require fancy charger’s, etc…)

      I will be using this set up at my next trackday/race and I will take video then….


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      Justin Martin

      Forgot to add…

      If you ARE interested, please comment and include;

      -At what price would YOU consider fair, and/or keep you interested in a product of this sort. (This will help me get a feel for whether or not it will be worth it on my part in both purchasing components, and the labor of assembling it.)

      -Would you prefer a Plug-N-Go system, which would include everything except your GoPro camera? Or, would you prefer select-able packages, such as a Keychain-size camera package, a Small (non-recordable) camera package, a ready to go GoPro package?

      -What size screen would you most LIKELY be interested in? 9″, 10″, or 20″? This is important as there are certain features that need to be met in order for it to work. One of which is a 12v capable Monitor.

      Other feature options could be a recordable mini-DVR (which would record the TRANSMITTED VIDEO, which is approximately 480p), as well as an AV Amplifier option. The AV option could realistically come with no monitor at all, and it would allow you 4 AV outputs that you could connect to any monitor. It would be your responsibility to find a power system for that monitor, etc, however it would allow you to stream live video to a motor-home, and watch from inside on your own screen (that has AV inputs)

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      James McMahon

      Am I understanding correctly that this is a device that takes the analog video and audio outputs from a GoPro (for example) , then transmits the video wirelessly?

      Tell us more about the underlying wireless technology?
      480p is perfectly acceptable if its a GOOD 480p delivered at a decent bitrate.
      Keep in mind that for racing many orgs have banned “telemetry”. Of course this could still be used in testing.

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      James McMahon

      So are you planning analog or digital signal over wireless?
      I think without an elevated antenna of some description that both receiver and transmitter are pointed at are going to be at the complete and total mercy of the lay of the land, literally.
      FCC’s “input”  could have some fun implications too.

      Cool that you are pursing this though

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      Justin Martin

      James, the video is broadcast over FCC legal frequencies, primarily in hte 1.3ghz and 5.8ghz ranges.


      1.3 ghz has much better penetrating abilities however 5.8 is a much smaller and lighter system.


      I have used the same set up and it broadcasts extremely well, it does suffer from shadowing, however I think on 99% of kart tracks (relatively flat, and not blocked by a mountain) it should work fine. I might be slightly concerned if you were in the last motor home in back of the pits, however with the reciever antenna ontop of a tent or the motorhome it would recieve just fine.


      I will be testing further this weekend if all goes well.

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      Justin Martin

      PS, I tried last weekend, however had poor video due to a bad filter. Filter has since been changed and it is working great again

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      Justin Martin

      Hello James, thanks for the reply!

      Video quality varies with a few factors. Placement of reciever and transmitter antenna. Noise floor of the surrounding area. (how noisy certain frequencies are in your location) As well as small stuff like how many times is the signal interrupted. By this I mean, are other video components plugged in. It is entirely possiple to splice in a display signal which overlays data on the screen. However due to an extra soldering joint or two in wiring it can slightly (sometimes unnoticeable) degrade video quality… Again completely dependent on set up… There is also the possibility of interference from surrounding equipment. For instance an electric drill 2 feet away from your receiver will impact quality. However if the receiver is placed away from equipment this disappears.


      In my testing to come I will be experimenting with different broadcast frequencies. Depending on the frequency that the transmitter broadcasts can impact video quality. For example, some frequencies will penetrate objects better than others, at the same time some frequencies have a busy noisefloor. For example, 900mhz isn’t a great frequency to use due to the general use of chordless (house) telephones.

      I’m working on sorting some of these questions out.


      Keep in mind this technology is generally good for transmitting up to 10-30km. Transmission quality degrades exponentially with distance, meaning a system that might have a slight bit of intereference at 10km will be exponentially stronger (less interference, better video) at short distances (such as <500m at a kart track.)

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      Justin Martin

      Oh, forgot to add, yes you are correct. This device takes the analog video and audio output from a GoPro, small micro camera, or small keychain camera, and transmits it wirelessly.



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