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    Rich Hemingway

    Any ideas guys?  Having trouble accelerating out of slow speed corners…great in medium speed and high speed corners…gearing is the same as everyone else and this kart is great on a short course but for some reason can’t get out its way in slow speed..it also shuts off on its own after the race under idle…and idles fine on the grid to start the race..




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    Craig Drabik

    Check your clutch.  Take the drum off and clean it out and make sure the springs aren’t broken.

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    Michael Schorn

    Check the primary jet maybe a plugged a bit.

    I would suggest go through and clean all passages in the carb.

    Also make sure the choke is not on.


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    George Young

    Very common to us. Low speed jet is plugged. Clean with small wire or a micro drill bit very carefully. That jet is a tech item so don’t enlarge it. Referring to #40 low speed jet. Drain the fuel after each race day. We have an appropriate sized micro bit and an extra jet and as a matter of course change or clean it every morning before racing.

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