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      Eric Schumacher

      hi I have a complete Woltjer kt100 with l&t clutch and sry pipe. This motor is currently at Woltjer’s Shop getting a full rebuild for the season. I would like to sell it as my local track is switching to the ka100. This engine will be a complete package ready to go racing with with. The clutch was completely rebuilt and has 1 race on it. The engine will come from Woltjer with break in complete on his dyno. I will ship the motor to the lower 48 free of charge. $1500 for motor, carb, mount, l&t clutch with 10 and 11 driver, rlv sr-y pipe, spare spark plugs and a carb rebuild kit. I do not have pics of it at the moment as it is currently at Woltjer getting freshened

      email kart_racer54@yahoo.com thanks

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