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      Mike Peters

      <span data-ft=”{"tn":"K"}”><span class=”UFICommentBody”>Trustee Klutz asked the Board to approve dropping the Gas classes, rule 312.12, in the Road Race Series and replace it with the X30 class with a 410 weight. A motion was made by Klutz, second by Cole to accept. Unanimous.</span></span>

      John Klutz has been testing a CKI Laser JK-2 with an IAME X30 engine for well over a year to determine the rules package for this exciting new class. JC Sanders has had his DSE Chassis with the IAME X30 package since Roebling Road last March. Testing it in the F125 class & was able to secure the F125 title for 2016. My CKI Laser JK-2 fitted with the IAME X30 had its first test at the very challenging Atlanta Motorsports Park. A slow entry into turn 11 to allow a faster kart by resulted in lost momentum for the hill leading to turn 12, which was more than my clutch setup could handle. I was told the resulting cloud of smoke billowing from the back of my kart was spectacular.


      At least three karts & drivers will be entered in the new class at Daytona this year. ( John Klutz’s CKI, my CKI & JC Sanders DSE) It is rumored that at least three more laydown karts with the IAME X30 package will have their debut at Daytona.

      I drove B Stock for many years & this package is nearly as fast with less headache. If we get six karts for the debut of the class at Daytona, that will be a fantastic start to what I hope will be a fun & growing class for the laydown karts.



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      Bruce Peck

      I haven’t seen the class rules yet so it may be spelled out there, but does the engine have to be run under rules/restrictions required in TaG classes?   For example, can the header be modified or a different header be used to make it work well on a laydown chassis.  Do you have to run the x-30 pipe?  Things like that.    I was one of the small number of people that put together a kart for the TaG-E movement (small as it was) back in 2007-2008 and some mods were allowed to the header etc.  Back then we could run any approved TaG engine so you were seeing karts with Leopard, Sonic (what I had), Rotax, etc.

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      Mike Peters

      The person to ask is John Klutz at CKI. The pipe/header that will be spech’d is actually an RLV setup made for the X30 in a laydown. It is a close copy of the IAME setup.  At the spec length for the flex which is shorter than for sprints the motor pipe combo makes about 36 hp. I was told this would be a X30 motor only class. Engine rules will mirror the sprint tag rules for the X30 with some changes to make it work for a laydown.  The choice of the X30 only was to keep costs down. The test kart was run for 7 race weekends before a new piston was fitted. The piston still had coating on it & was turning fast times. The bottom end has yet to be rebuilt after roughly 1 1/2 years of testing.  The drivers for the testing were picked from the top road race drivers in the nation.

      I bought my motor package new for under $2600.

      -Complete engine with electronics minus clutch & no starter

      -RLV header, pipe & flex

      -Water pump & belts

      -1990 Ford Aerostar heater core

      – Hegar hub & drive gears

      Hope this helps

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