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      David Cole

      Now that we have had an event in the books with a Briggs  206 class utilizing only CIK bodywork at the ‘national’ level, I would like to hear the opinions on the future of the category.

      Here are my words from Daytona.

      Here are my words earlier this year in a Column.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      David Kalb

      While unfortunately we were not in attendance as David Jr wasn’t old enough to run, but from staying on top of it online and texting some of the participants, it seemed to go very well.  I think in general folks like the CIK bodywork look and feel it has put a new shine on 4-cycle racing.  There are a few old stuck in there ways holdouts, but it doesn’t appear there was much issue getting folks to move over.  Now the nice turnout was partly because it was just Daytona and folks love to run the event.  The true test will be to see if anyone shows up for the CIK only class at Jacksonvile Gold Cup or the the remaining Winter Cup races.    David Jr turns 15 in January and will be at Pittsburgh for the next Man Cup race.

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      I like the idea for several reasons.

      First from my standpoint, I’m a little older (68) and laying down in a kart seat just will NOT work for my old neck.  So the sit up seats are my only option.

      It brings our 4 cycle sprint racing more in line with what the rest of the planet runs, eg: CIK style/homologated chassis’ and body work.  Including our Canadian neighbors. I also believe our west coast folks generally run CIK style karts in 4 cycle sprint racing as well.

      There are a ton of used Tag and Yamaha sprint karts out there which can be had very economically.  Many allow mounting a LO206/Animal with no problem at all, and seem to work pretty well.

      I realize many who currently have American style body work won’t like it, but I also remember road racing 125 shifters back in the early 2000’s.  Everybody ran the big nose, lay down seats, and narrowed the thing up so much they weren’t fun to drive.  Then they started the CIK body work, sit up seats, and 50 inch minimum rear width class— and EVERYBODY loved it!  No more nonsense with crazy bodywork, uncomfortable seats and hacked off rear axles!  Just take your sprint 125 off the sprint track and change the gear and go!

      NOW, WKA have CIK LO206 in ManCup, Gold Cup AND Road Racing!

      I like it…….. we sprint race AND road race.

      Clark Gaynor Sr.

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      Quincy Smith

      My daughter and I raced in the class on the Road Racing side, love the concept of it.  It is awesome to be able to just go sprint to big track and back with little effort.  The price break on the entry will help get others to try it also.  Now if we can just figure out the gearing and what tire compound to run it will be even more fun for us..  Even though we were way off on speed to the front runners still had fun racing with my daughter in the same class out there!

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      Lee Curtis

      I ran a couple of laps to shakedown one on the big track, now I am buying a 206 kart next week!!! The couple of laps I ran were some of the most fun I had all week!!!! Hopefully this class continues, and more people find out just how fun and exciting the 206 class really is…

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      Walt Gifford

      The euro kart is more mainstream than the American kart. Come on Jan 20th.


      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      DJ Keener

      It may be to early to tell. I Like that the class is uniform and I actually believe the difference in wheels and seat create a smaller window of forgiveness when it comes to set up. I am curious to see if another track proves me wrong but after Daytona it seams that the tight 4cycle racing and 2 karts running down another kart will never be the same with the cik package in my opinion…

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      I’m one of those that still have the old style body work on my old early 90’s Margay chassis.  I’m just getting back into sprint racing after a 20 year absence and I plan to use my old kart at least for the present.  I have been looking for information on what specifically is involved in upgrading this kart to CIK rules.  Is it just body work or is it a wider wheel track as well?  Is there some place I can find a comprehensive set of rules that I don’t have to buy just yet?

      Speed never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you! Jeremy Clarkson

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      Steve, other than the bodywork, the seats have to be in a more upright position (likely the way your Margay already is).  Double rear bumper, which extends out to at least the mid point of the rear tires.  They are generally a bit wider.  Usually 50″ minimum and 55 1/8″ max. across the outside of the rear tires (although 4 cycle sprint racing allows them to be much narrower).  Many rules set require specific size and/or size and brand tires.  For instance WKA requires 4.50 x 5 fronts; 7.10 x 5 rears, Bridgestone “C’s”.

      May I strongly suggest, before you spend a bunch of time and money on your older kart, go to a track or two and have a look.  There are many older karts out there that can be had at a very reasonable price.  That may be a better deal then upgrading yours.  Check the classified ads on this site, and there is a LO206 Facebook page as well.

      I noticed you live near Fredricksburg, Va.  If that’s the case, the Woodbridge Kart Club is holding a road race event at Summit Point on Apr. 29th and 30th in Summit Point W.Va.  We’ll be on the Shenandoah circuit if  you’re interested.  There will be a lot of CIK chassis there for you to look over.  In fact we will have two WKA legal CIK chassis’ with LO206’s on them.  You are more then welcome to stop by and look them over and ask any questions you may have.  If you do decide to stop by, please look us up.  Most folks at this event will know where the Gaynor’s are pitted.

      Have fun,

      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      WKC Board Member.

      WKA NRRC Member.

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