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      johnny brooks


      Sure hope they got that ‘sinkhole’ issue fixed!

      Corvette Museum and new road courses…it don’t get much better than that.

      (hmmm, i wonder how far it is to the Maker’s Mark plant?)


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      Robert Lawson

      Have a good friend whom drives big rigs……he freaked when he drove by and saw the new track right off the Interstate.

      Checked into doing some test days there myself a couple months ago. They mentioned a “National Org” related to karting potentially visiting but nothing had been signed at that time.

      Nice N/S central location…….maybe a GN in the future????

      Love M-O but if folks keep getting lifted out of there (or anywhere else for that matter!) days for karts will be numbered. Think RA here.

      Not sure October was the best time of year but probably all that remained.

      Good Stuff!!!


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      Dave Armstrong

      Is there a pattern forming here?  With the big sports car tracks becoming more expensive and less kart friendly, someone is looking at these “test facilities” to put on road racing for karts.  Hence the NCCAR and now the Corvette Museum track.

      Just when I thought WKA wasn’t really interested in the survival of road racing.

      Kudos to WKA and the Corvette people for making this happen.


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      Brandon Schenkel

      that looks awesome!! Im sooo happy im back into the karting scence

      B Stock ............................

      IC/E 250 rookie

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