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    rodney pennington

    <p><br></p>I just purchase a w standard wiseco pistons for my CR125 and was curious why it didnt have an intake window like the stock pistons does. What kind of changes should iI expect? Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated .

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    Thomas Barth

    My guess is that the piston manufacturer runs a standard piston configuration that is applicable to other 125’s so the cut outs, ports etc are left for the customer to provide.

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    Alan Sheidler

    Not sure either about the specifics regarding the port, etc.  I have never heard of anyone cutting a hole in one to match the original factory unit.

    What I was told, however, was that Wiseco requires a different cylinder clearance and finish than the stock Honda piston.  That was from Eric Gorr many years ago.  If you have any doubts about fit or performance, pay a couple of extra $ and buy the OE part.  Peace of mind.

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    Broque Ward

    the weisco pistons are forged not cast aluminum like oem..  you have to be careful with forged pistons they dont expand and contract at the same rate as a cast piston and have been known to cause siezures when not properly warmed up..

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    Thomas Barth

    Many tuners machine piston to match specific port configuration.

    I personally prefer the cast unit (see Broque’s post) But to each his own.

    I believe most KZ pistons (cast) will fit CR125.

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