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    Gonzalo Gallegos

    Hey guys so I’m really interested in karting but i want some guidance before I purchase my first kart. I have some money saved up and will be funding myself. I don’t really know much about classes and what not. I’ve been told to start with a 100cc kart since I’m inexperienced. Some have also suggested a 4-stroke. What I do know is that I want to race!! I want to be competitive and actually race in competitions. What should I look for when purchasing a kart. Also since I’ll be funding myself from a part time job I want to do everything myself such as rebuilding the engine to tuning. Are there any guides for that stuff?

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    Paul Lepper

    There are lots of guides out there on the web. The best thing to do is go to your local tracks and check out what classes you would interested in competing in. There are many variables to consider: Your age, budget. experience, and mechanical abilities. One suggestion would be the LO 206 four stroke if it is run where you want to race. I don’t think there is a program out there right now that can compete with the overall experience of this class. Ask LOTS of questions and have fun.

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    Walt Gifford

    Good advise above +1 for LO206. I would add that rebuilding an engine takes more than simple hand tools. When looking at used karts make sure the brakes work first or at least check to see if you can get parts for that model brake system. Systems change every couple years then you can’t get seals, pads ect.


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    Roger Ruthhart

    And if you really want help, join the fun at EKN and get rid of the anonymous user name

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    TJ Koyen

    Welcome Gonzalo,

    Where are you located? The best advice for newbies is to figure out what brands/classes/engines are supported in your area and go from there. There’s no point in buying something you can’t get parts or setup help with easily, and there’s no point in buying an engine that doesn’t even compete at your local track.

    As suggested above, visiting your local track on a race weekend is a great first step. If you give us your location I’m sure someone who is nearby can suggest what classes and tracks are around you.

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