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      Justin Martin

      I am really curious as MOST Vettel haters, are Alonso Fanboys…

      This is curious to me because Vettel at age 26, with 5 years in F1, has now tied Alonso with a career 32 wins…

      However Alonso, at age 32, with 12 years in F1, has 32 wins…

      Both are 9 wins behind legendary Ayrton Senna.

      Ontop of that, Vettel has his moments from time to time where he can be stuck up… Alonso has them ALL the time and is KNOWN for being a Pomus @$$!

      Anyways, congrats to Vettel for winning the Italian GP, and earning his 32nd career win.

      Meanwhile, please someone explain to me what is “so” wrong with Vettel?

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      Bob Baldwin

      In a word ” JEALOUS ” It seperates THE HAVES from the HAVE NOTS

      ALONSO : 10-4 on the Pompous @$$!

      Even if Alonso and Vettel RETIRE with 42 wins there will only be ONE Ayrton Senna

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      Roberto Perez

      I’ll put my 2 cents…………  

      I am an Alonso Fan..   and I dislike Vettel a lot………….  now, I am not speaking for every Alonso fan or Ferrari Fan,  but in my case I dislike Vettel, not because he has tied Alonso in number of wins, in Fact I applaud he has done it in less time……….. 

      I dislike Vettel because, mainly, for the S#it he pulled of passing Mark Weber, when the team had given the order……….. ( I do believe in Team orders) 

      I also dislike Vettel, because he is given this high level of a driver, only because of the great car he has,  if Vettel was driving for Sauber or even Ferrari, would he have 3 world Championships? 

      I am not a Vettel hater, I disagree with the fans booing in Italy, although, come on lets face it, it was Italy, the home of Ferrari…  would you expect anything different…… they are passionate…….. 

      Alright,  I hope I didn’t offend anyone………. 


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      Jim Derrig

      I lost a lot of respect for Vettel after that crap he pulled on Weber this year.  I’m not a great fan of team orders, but to manipulate team orders so as to take a win from a teammate?  That was really low.  In my mind he became just another prima donna,  egotistical athlete no better than those NBA jerks who scream and pound their chests when they score.

      Have to disagree that Vettel only wins because of the car.  While having a Newey-designed car certainly is a significant advantage, let’s not forget that he won the Italian GP in a Toro Rosso.  Major, Schuey-Senna level talent.  And a jerk.

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      Justin Martin

      How can ANYONE applaud Alonso yet hold that incident against Vettel?

      Vettel disobeyed team orders in order to win.. Yes, it was bad. However, it is no worse than what Alonso does almost every race!

      Look at the Italian GP! Alonso damn near ran TEAM-MATE MASSA of the track on purpose in the start… We all know this happens WAY to often, and Massa constantly gets sh!t on. Meanwhile Ferrari has just as little backbone as Redbull when it comes to punishing their “shining star”

      Back to Vettel. If I recall correctly, he started in BMW-Sauber in 2006 as a back up driver. His first Debut in F1 he ended practice 2 with the fastest time over all…

      Not to mention there is ALWAYS the argument of Adrian Newey… However Vettel clearly did well enough in the Toro Rosso, and BMW Sauber car to EARN his position at red bull….

      Now lets turn the table, What if Alonso wasnt with ferrari, instead say Caterham… Would results be the same? I doubt it…

      I am simply stating that the argument goes both ways, and I rarely see a sensible argument against Vettel. Alonso pulls the same Jacked-up maneuvers in races and/or qualifying, however he ALSO has a pompous @$$ attitude to go along with it.

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      Justin Martin

      Am I mistaken, or was Webber once considered a talented driver as well? He is most definitely not (for lack of a better owrd) OWNING the series in a Newey designed car, is he?

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      Tim Doll

      Fans of a particular driver tend to have short memories when it comes to his flaws.

      Senna fans say he was better than Schumacher because MS drove another driver off the road when the championship was at stake – conveniently forgetting when Senna did exactly that to Prost.

      Alonso fans say he’s better than Vettel because Vettel has a hard time playing nice with a similarly competitive teammate – conveniently forgetting what went on between Alonso and Hamilton when they were teammates at McLaren.  Alonso fans also seem to forget that Alonso was involved in, not one, but two major cheating scandals where he did his best Sgt. Shultz imitation claiming “I know nothing, nothing!” and the FIA let him off.

      I was not surprised to hear some booing of Vettel during the Monza podium celebration – after all it is the home of Ferrari.  What did surprise me was the level of booing that Vettel got during the Canadian GP podium ceremony – it’s not like the Canadians had a home team or driver to root for or that Vettel had done anything particularly wrong while dominating that race.  I considered that to be particularly boorish behavior – I used to think Canadians were better than that.


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      Charles Skowron

      You guys think simple booing  is rowdy and irascible by the Monza  crowd?

      Go to 2:19 in this video to see how the Tifosi handled “The Enemy” (which to them, is any team in direct competition with Ferrari for the championship at that point) exactly 30 years ago:


      And that was only in the race. The story goes that, during a Renault pre-race test session, locals were sabotaging the Monza track for Alain Prost (who was leading the championship at that point) by placing oil and straw on the race surface.  How valid that tale might have been, I don’t know; but I could believe it if it was.

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