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    Derek Lodato

    Please shed some light on why 6″ wheels aren’t used as industry standard for shifter stock moto classes in particular over the 5″ wheels.

    I can imagine the larger wheel size negatively affects the handling on the shifter but how so or if there are any other reasons please chime in.

    Thank you


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    Howie Idelson

    5″ is  global standard for sprint karting.

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    Peter Zambos

    Why the CIK went with 5″ specifically, and not 6″, I don’t know, but I can imagine why having tested them back-to-back. The 5″ wheel, with the taller tire side wall, talks more to the driver and gives feedback before loosing lateral grip. The 6″ will let go without much warning. There are some classes in which the 6″ works well, such as laydowns as dirt ovals, but not with high HP classes, or those that have a very narrow and/or peaky power band.

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    Larry Andrews

    I’m not sure I agree.  The old Firestone YFx tires were pretty darn good and the sidewalls were only 0.25″ shorter as the tires were 1/2″ bigger OD at 11.5″.  I’d offer that tire availability is what drives the 5″ size decision by today’s racers and that ‘business realities’ are what killed off the 6″ tires in the first place.

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    Derek Lodato

    Thanks Peter and Larry for your feedback.

    Anybody else out there have feedback on the reasons for the change?


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    Brian Wilson

    You might want to venture down in into the 250 Superkart section of this forum….they use 6″ wheels. I’m sure they could give you a different take on them and the availability of them. The CRG part may be an issue though because of their front bolt pattern, but I do know they make 6″ wheels in standard and metric sizing.

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    Derek Lodato

    Thanks for your responses.

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