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      William Weiler

      When I watch Kart racing videos on youtube, I see a lot of bumping into the guy in front of him before the start. I assume this is to annoy the person into making an error. Why does the guy in front of the bumping guy tap the side of his helmet? Does it mean stop bumping me?

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      Dan Breuer

      They are basically ‘asking’ kart behind them to push.

      Funny thing, watching a recent race, one of the competitors (probably one of the best kart racers in the country) was sent out with to much air pressure (father told me he forgot to drop it). After two laps, she was falling like a rock. She began to ‘tap’ her helmet as people caught her….They actually pushed her back up to the karts she was losing ground to. I had to laugh, but the best learn to make the most of a bad situation.

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      Here in Ohio it is more of a sign to draft or work together in anyway possible. I tend to think that it is very overused in sprint racing and street racing. With a recent trip to Indy for the USAC “battle at the Brickyard”, I noticed a lot of people were using it and i found it to be the only place I have ever seen it used very efficiently.

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      Debbie Kuntze

      It could also mean, stop pushing or use your head.

      I see someone doing that in RR I know they usually want a push so I know to black flag both :)




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