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      Chuck hurlbert

      I have two jugs. I have been using my sleeved jug but in the last race I got water in the chamber and the sleeve moved down and rotated. Machinist in town said he could not replace it said it needs a new sleeve. Who do I send it off to? The two places I have seen are millennium tech or kustom kraft.

      Any other options?

      Same plan for a replate as well on the second jug.

      Both are modded too…

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      David Cole

      Are you referring to a Honda?

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Chuck hurlbert

      Yes, 99 mod honda.  Sorry.

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      bo rougeou

      U.S. Chrome and Millennium.

      I’ve only dealt with Millennium,but heard good things about U.S. Chrome.

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