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      Ambrose Buldo

      Trying to find a source for spares the track does not have for the ROK GP TAG engine. Who is a good on-line dealer?

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      David Cole

      Contact http://www.rokcupusa.com to find a dealer near you.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Christian Fox

      As of now, the Rok GP is not a well supported engine. I had to prod Rok just to put a general Rok GP manual on their website, up until then, there had never been any documentation available. If you know what you want you can either have Chi Chi at OVRP order it for you, or call:

      Jerry White at Kartworkz or Brandon Jenkins at Allison Racing Engines. Jerry’s website has all the relevant parts diagrams/numbers.

      No one stocks parts for these things; they are still way too much of a niche engine for anyone to bother. But the above guys can get you the parts drop shipped from the importer. Rok is pushing pretty hard, so maybe parts availability will improve.

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      Ambrose Buldo

      Thank for the great feedback. Already have had Chi Chi at OVRP order me a new coil wire and an 11 tooth Driver.

      I would of traded in my Rotax for more common x-30 if I had a lettered cylinder head. I did not, so I went the ROK Trade in route ($1,200). I got to say I am very impressed with the engine. Been trouble free, seems well engineered, performs well. It is a gas guzzler compared to the Rotax.

      Really hope support for the engine develops. I too spoke to the people at ROKCUP and they said an engine FAQ was being developed and posted soon. The manual is better than nothing, but really is a basic installation guide. They also mentioned they are working on dealer network. I few of us are now running the ROK GP, including TIM @ OVRP.

      I am currently shopping a new engine mount for the ROK + Ikart.

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      andy graham

      Ocala Gran Prix ….. ANYTHING you need for ANY Rok engine … No one in the US knows more about the Vortex engines than these guys, or has more parts on hand and ready to ship.

      (352) 291-0600


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      Ambrose Buldo

      It is a shame Ocala Gran Prix, On-line shopping features are not enabled. Hopefully that will be addressed shortly. I know the engine is not common, but whoever can get a good on-line portal quickly could become the go-to place for ROK parts and Sevices

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