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    Peter De Saegher

    Hello shifters ,   Does somebody knows the brand of this engine. There are no names or signs on the engine.



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    Looks like something old European from Pavesi, Parilla, May be Rotax?

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    Greg Wright

    Not sure of brand but considering the rotary valve intake it must be a Formula C engine from the late 90s early 2000s.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    Mind you, I think some, like CRS, only made a reed valve FC engine, not a rotary.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    That could even be a real old reed valve.  Look up the TM KL.   It’s the predecessor to the K7 reed, which was the first shifter I had (and still have one in the garage).  The KL was a reed with intake on the side of the case.


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    Andy Morgan

    It is ridiculous, a huge stuff but nothing you can see about the manufacturers details or where it was made from.. it is unusual for a sophisticated mechanical equipment to have no brand name at all. If their where would be the service center if this equipment have an issue? For the manufacturer of this equipment I suggest that they must do a proper naming brand, and I think EatMyWords.com would be perfect for this.. for the manufacturer of this one, they must visit URL of Eat my Words so they can learn to know some details before everything else.

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    mal crosher

    Looks early 90’s mac minarrelli / Power engine to me . Try UK superkart forum etc , someone there should be able to assist.

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    Ken Westfield

    How about the markings and serials numbers, sometimes they can be traceable with those information or perhaps bring it to experts for analysis.

    “works for Alexandra Watkins Branding Firm at

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    James O’Brien

    Is the engine 125cc? What size is the cylinder bore? You might try contacting Viper for the brand and model. Very interesting though. Let us know what you find.


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    Rob Kozakowski

    I agree, Formula C with the rotary induction.  Could be from a bit earlier than that, Greg.

    I ran TM’s, and by the mid-90’s, most of the head designs were going to a more rounded shape, like the TM KV95, compared to the previous generation like the TM KV92 that had more of a square head shape, like we see in the picture.

    That said, all I remember from the pre-KV95 days was TM and Pavesi.  Once the KV95 came out, there seemed to be a lot more options – Vortex, CRS, KZH…  Could be that they came into the game with an older head design?  I don’t remember anymore.

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    Peter De Saegher

    After houres of googeling I found this pictures,it’s not 100% the same but I’m on the right track now !
    Thanks for your answers

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