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      Austin Bruce

      Which is better for what application? I need a CIK approved silencer that a local karting track wants me to run. I have one like the blue one that is CIK approved and have seen some with three tubes like the red, but I saw the top one and thought it would have better flow. I also know there are different tube diameters for restriction which I would have to guess some classes require. It would be great if someone could put together a quick summary before I make a decision.

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      James O’Brien

      Well, don’t buy anything that says 23mm tubes or holes. Those are not for 125 Shifters. The boxes for the 125 classes will be 29 or 30mm tubes. Personal preference…if you have to run an Air Box,  the KG Ape http://www.shop.eshifterkart.com/KG-APE-30mm-Air-Box-Filtered-Intake-Silencer-FA003AG.htm

      The KG is very expensive so a lot of guys also like the straight Freeline and the RLV 4 hole (which you have pictured above). Either way, you loose top end. Unfortunate some tracks, including ours, require the Boxes.


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