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      Brian Wilson

      I know it’s not legal for some of you to mount Go Pro’s on your helmet, but it is for me during open track days. Not interested in mounting it on the kart, I have the Go Pro helmet suction mount and want to use it on my helmet. For those of you that can and do run a Go Pro on your helmet, how do you have it mounted? Pics would be helpful if you have them.

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      Tim Koyen

      We don’t do the helmet mounting thing, but I know someone who did once and he said mounting it on the side of the helmet, made his head turn sideways in the wind.

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      Brian Wilson

      Where do you mount it then? I would think it would vibrate too much on the front panel. If mounted on the side by the radiator or something like that, I would think alot of the view would be blocked….at least by me it would, I’m not built like the average karter and have very wide shoulders and upper body.

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      Tyson Henry

      I like to mount it on the chin. Just use a “sticky pad” mount.


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      Tim Salvino

      I have mine mounted on the top right side of my helmet. I’ve only had it up to around 45mph so far, but after the first few minutes, i didnt even notice it was there.

      The best way I found to mount it was to open your visor all the way, then place the adhesive mount right behind where the visor opens to, slot facing forward, and at about a 45* angle up the helmet. I’ll try to take a picture of it mounted.

      Also, I always love the chin mount, but not all helmets are able to have it mounted there. Mine is too pointy and wont match the adhesive mount.

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      TJ Koyen

      Chin gives the best 1st-person view in my opinion.

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      Tyson Henry

      Yeah, make sure the mount is going to stick really well to the chin before putting it there! My helmet fits the adhesive mount perfectly.

      I always have thought the chin is best for getting the closest to real driver perspective. Top of helmet is too high up and looks funny to me. Side is pretty good. Next best place imho is on the radiator.

      My least favorite place is the front fairing. You don’t get a perspective on anything that is going on. Can’t see pedals, steering, anything…..

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      Why not mount it the radiator? Still get great field of view
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      Marc Miller

      I mount mine on the side – eye level. We have tried to put it in the middle above the visor, or on the chin, but the view isn’t as accurate. This might be slightly off-center, but it gives a much better “driver’s eye” perspective.

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