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      brian downing

      My son is running a used Haase and the seat isn’t perfect.

      I’d like to have someone who really knows seating help us choose the right size, brand model seat, and mount it correctly to the chassis, including weights.
      Are there any services like this in the NE USA?

      If we have to travel to find help, we may be headed to the Midwest later this summer, any services like this in the Midwest?

      I know DIY is possible with the Tillet Seat mounting kit, but I’m curious about services.

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      Any karting shop in your area should be able to mount a seat, at the right angle and the ride height.

      Not difficult to do at all, gotta find the seat he feels comfortable with, fits perfectly snugged ( not lose, not choking him to death ) Put all your weights towards the bottom, etc.

      But if what you’re looking for is a service, then look them up around your town, there should be a few shops in New Jersey. Otherwise just ask how to do it with us guys here, just give us enough info on the kart size, kid size, height and weight, engine package you’re running, etc.

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      brian downing

      That’s kind of my point in asking.

      Where? There are no “kart shops” in New Jersey.
      I’m looking for a full service shop, with various seats, seat sizes in stock, who can then help with proper fit.

      It’s tough to measure a kid properly and order a seat online. I’d like to find a shop where he can “try on” various seats and find one that fits perfect, with the advice from someone who’s done it many many times.

      In theory I’d be willing to drive to Comet in Ind, but I’d certainly prefer to find someone closer.

      Specific “kart shop” suggestions please….

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      Brock Weiss

      How far is Erie Pennsylvania from you? J3 Competition might be able to help. I know they sell Tillett Seats and they might be able to help. They also might know of a few kart shops in your area.

      They are really are a great group of guys and I highly recommend them for anything. Ask for John or Jim if you decide to call.  Justin is the main tech guy but he usually deals with the racing side of the business.

      Otherwise Comet is also a very good place to go get setup but J3 Competition might be closer to you and like it said they probably know someone in your area that you can go to.

      the other thing you can check out is Kart Directory online.  It’s a new website that list hundreds of karting Related businesses with phone number and contact information.  I would also check that out


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