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      David Cole

      Here is the current 2015 Event list – tell us where you are going

      WKA NRRS

      March 20-22: Roebling Road
      June 13-14: Summit Point Motorsports Park
      July 24-26: VIRginia International Raceway
      August 28-30: Summit Point Motorsports Park (Grand National)
      October 23-25: NCM Motorsports Park


      April 25-26: Lake Afton
      May 16-17: Lake Garnett
      June 6-7: Hallett
      July 11-12: MPH (Nebraska)
      July 31-August 2: Hallett (Grand National)
      Aug. 22-23: Lake Garnett
      Sept. 12-13: Lake Afton
      Oct. 2-4: Heartland Park

      Championship Enduro Series

      May 30-31: Blackhawk
      July 11-12: Grattan
      Aug. 8-9: Blackhawk
      Sept. 12-13: Gingerman

      Dart Kart Club

      May 15-17: Grattan
      June 19-21: Mid-Ohio
      August 15-16: NCM Motorsports Park

      Michigan Kart Club

      May 30: Waterford
      June 27: Waterford
      Sept. 19-20: Michigan International Speedway

      Woodbridge Kart Club

      May 2-3: Summit Point Raceway Shenandoah, Shared with NESKS
      June 13-14: Summit Point Raceway
      July 24-26: VIRginia International Raceway North Course, WKA National
      August 28-30: Summit Point Raceway Main, WKA Grand National
      October 10-11: Summit Point Raceway Main

      Southern Kart Club

      March 20-22: Roebling Road
      Oct.: Roebling Road

      IKF Region 6


      NCK Road Racing

      January 24: Laguna Seca
      May 30: Thunderhill
      July 27: Thunderhill
      August 30: Buttonwillow
      October 31: Thunderhill
      November 28: Sonoma Raceway

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      James McMahon

      For me, not planning racing much:

      2D2w: April 4-5 @ Hallet
      CES: May 30-31 @ blackhawk

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      Brian Wilhelm

      Currently planning on:
      April – Afton – KART
      May – Grattan – DART
      June – Mid-Ohio – DART
      Sept – MIS – MKC
      Oct. – NCM – WKA

      This could change depending on when I get my new kart finished..

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      David Cole

      Thanks Brian. Forgot to add in the Michigan Kart Club dates. I haven’t been to MIS since the early 90s. I will miss it again this year, as the RoboPong 200 at New Castle is scheduled the same weekend. See you when you come up for Grattan in May.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Daniel Justice

      Man the NRRS lineup looks empty without the DKC, have to see how Kentucky turns out though. I’ll be at every WKC race for sure.

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      SKC is hosting the WKA national at Roebling in March and we have a second event the first weekend in Oct for our club event. I welcome everyone to come join us in a few weeks for round two.

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      Jeff Wesell

      Our schedule is a little bit of everything. While still nothing firmed up, we’ll be at a mixture of WKA NRRS, DKC, WKC, a smidge of CES and I’d like to try and get out with the KART group if possible.  We’ll be out more than last season, but not solidly chasing any particular points or group and making adjustments if we have any sprint car dates.  Would have liked to gotten over for the MKC date at Michigan International- though that weekend (for us) falls on NASCAR Weekend at Chicago which I am committed to be at for work.

      Looking forward to getting back out with you all.  Interesting times ahead for road racing.  Get out and support what you can folks!   :)

      Streeter Super Stands
      "Roll with The Best!"

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      All the WKC events.

      Clark Sr.

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      Jeremy Baldi

      Looks like I’ll be doing many of the same as Brain.  Hopefully Noah, Robert and the other f-125 guys join us at these races.

      May – Grattan (DKC)
      June – Mid-Ohio (DKC)
      July – Grattan (CES)
      Sept – MIS (MKC)
      OCT – NCM (WKA)

      Not sure if I’ll be able to but maybe try and do the Aug – Summit (WKC) event as well because Woodbridge puts on a great event.



      Jeremy Baldi

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      Desmond Lewis

      Grattan, Mid Ohio, VIR, NCM Maybe Waterford


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        Kelly Read


        One correction up above under KART. The October 2-4 at Heartland Park is not confirmed as of date. We are working on this along with something else just in case as I speak but if it doesn’t work, then we have a back up track and date ready to step in. More details to come soon.

        DEFINITELY will be supporting the KART series!!!! How one couldn’t with 7 races less then 4 hours away from my door step!!!!!!!! Sorry had to mention that LOL. We also have plans to make 1-2 of the WKA events.

        As mentioned above, SUPPORT what ever you can. WE NEED ROAD RACING!!!!!!

        THE MAN

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      Bob Cole

      May- DKC Grattan    May- CES Blackhawk or MKC Waterford   June- DKC MID OHIO     June- MKC Waterford    July- CES Grattan   maybe also VIR , nice people   Aug.- CES Blackhawk   Sept.- Rock Island    Sept.- CES Gingerman  Sept.-MKC MIS  Oct.-WKA NCM    Dec.- WKA Daytona(I hope)

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      John Brown

      I’m sure there are plenty of racers like us that have to leave it open ended as the season progresses, but if all goes as what is hoped for:


      March: Lone Star Grand Prix (not a road race, but if you’re racing in TX, you have to mix and match these days)

      April: Afton

      June and July/August: Both Hallett races (Love those guys with KART – they just treat racers right!)

      Also June and July: Texas Prokart Challenge races in Denton and Dallas

      Bucket list stuff if all the stars align just right: Mid Ohio, SKUSA Supernats

      Then back to Daytona!

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      David Cole

      Received notification that Dart Kart Club will host an event at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky on August 15-16.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Greg Wright

      Now that’s interesting isn’t it.

      Greg Wright
      Rapid Racing Inc.
      Vintage B-Stock Pilot
      "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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      Desmond Lewis
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      Jeff Wesell

      As I and probably others expected; that throws the statement from AKRA out the window of not adding races in.  Well, I suppose he did use “at this time” in that original statement.  ;)

      Streeter Super Stands
      "Roll with The Best!"

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      Gene Davis

      You are right Jeff. We tried to do something else but that did not materialize. I will say now that the fourth race we are looking at to complete a four race series is an existing date so no more surprises. If that event comes on board it will not be hosted by DKC.

      So to get back on the topic of this thread.
      Mid Ohio
      Summit Point
      Maybe not in that order.


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      Jeremy Baldi


      What layout will DKC be running on NCM in Aug?

      Also anyone know what layout WKA will be running in Oct? I think I saw the 2 mile west course but can’t remember for sure.

      Jeremy Baldi

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      Gene Davis

      DKC will be running the West course.


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      Bruce Peck
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      David Cole

      Event added to WKA Schedule for 2015, see HERE

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      David Cole

      Good news for the October WKA event

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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