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      Bill Schmidt
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      Jason Vehige

      Without the pipe and carb less than the starting bid :)   If it was a complete setup and 100% fresh 2k is an ok price… No proof on the bottom end rebuild would drop my max to 1500..

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      Joe Ricard

      Bill you would do well with an ICC.  However you need to jump in Jason’s back pocket for the tricks to make SOLO with ICC livable.

      I had an ICC  Vortex RVS and it is a monster that was built by DDC.   When taken to the limit of the SCCA and Homolugation rules it is going to be significant money.   And as Jason said  Get a whole package  Air box to pipe and mount, drive gears.  carb jets, needles, atomizers. motor mount. and don’t forget water pump and radiator.  I paid 2500 for a turn key RVS which was hot in the day but these are 2004 vintage.  and then had to put a top end in it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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