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      Sebastian Sarmiento


      My first engine was a 125 Leopard. I studied the leopards and the Rotax Sr. and was starting to get familiar with them.

      Now I’d like to start racing KT100, but it seems that I’m back to the beginning.

      Dry clutch?wet Clutch?,

      best Brand of Clutches, regarding maintenience and performance?

      Every how many hours do they need rebuild (Top & Bottom)?

      Best engine builder for Kt’s ?(I know that’s a disputable question)


      I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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      Anthony DePalo

      Dry clutch, L&T Mini, Patriot, Horstman and Tomar are all good clutches. Comet and Woltjer build good KT100’s. For peak performance 4hrs on a top end. Club racing you can go 8 hrs on a top end but that’s pushing it a bit. For every 2 top ends do the bottom end. Clutch stall speed 8600-9000 depending on a can or pipe but you can get that info from your engine builder. Always keep the clutch drum lubricated with Tri Flow. Also it’s best to change the carb pumper after every couple of race days.

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      Everything Anthony mentioned is correct

      We only use Horstman 2 disc dry clutch and L&T Mini 2 disc dry also For Super Sr Sportsman class.

      And yes, please lubricate the bushing inside the driver/drum, and don’t forget the chain lube every session, always keep your chain tension at the proper adjustment.

      But don’t worry we’ll assist you at the track, just come out buddy.

      Will you be bringing a roller chassis, or you need a complete kart arrive and drive? As I notice you’re selling your chassis?

      Either way we can still help you, just let us know. Fast Freddy. ;)

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      Jim Silverheels

      Fast Freddie, yer sounding more and more like a pro. Soon it will be “Ask Fast Freddie” along with TJ.  Now how’s that me boy?

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      Walt Gifford

      Hey Ant, I see you mentioned Comet and Woltjer as good engines builders, I’ll remember those names.


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      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
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      Tim Koyen

      Great advice from Anthony and Freddy.  I agree with it all.

      Keep in mind that there are lots of good Yamaha engine builders out there, and the two named above are both great national builders.  But, if you’re new to Yamaha and there is a good builder in your area that services your track/series, that might be more valuable to you when you need a little help.

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      Sebastian Sarmiento

      Thank you all guys!!
      you guys are amazing!! I agree with the ask Freddy button haha!lol.

      I’m writing all down and I’ll start hunting for a kt for practice, following Freddy’s advice, I’ll rent one package for the first race and see how it goes!!.

      In case I don’t come up with another question during these days (I seriously doubt it) I would like to wish you ALL  Happy Holidays!!

      I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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      Welcome back, we missed you. Lol  :)

      And yes, we need to talk to David Cole, and vote to remove the indoor karting section, and make it a FastFreddy section, not even “The Ask Freddy Section” But The “Freddy” section

      Now that would be cool, in agreement to what Sebastian mentioned. ;)


      And all kidding aside

      Tim Koyen said something very valuable about engine builders and their support at the track, In fact some of them even Bar-B-Q for their customers at the track.

      It’s always a great idea to keep a good relationship with people for mutual support, it can only help us all build a stronger sport.


      Thank you guys for sharing that.


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