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    Justin Martin

    My up to date TV guide is showing me that F1 would have been on NBC sports. Not only was it not aired on NBC sport, but it wasn’t on any of my NBC networks!

    Anyone know where the hell it was?

    I tuned in at 7:30 when It said to, and all I saw was indy, fishing, then buck hunting

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    Bob Baldwin

    I could Not find it either .

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    My DVR timer that records all of the F1 races that I setup at the start of the season recorded it no problem off NBC Sports. It was ready to go when I finally got out of bed to watch it at 10:30 this morning. I believe a replay is on NBC Sports right now also. The only problems I have had this season are the two live races on CNBC my DVR did not record because it said the event had already been recorded. It did record the very first full rebroadcast that was on NBC Sports.

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    Tim Blaney

    I set my DVR according the the guide and everything went fine for me.

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    jeff grose

    I watched w/no issue on the nbc sports network

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    Robert Lawson

    My up to date TV guide …….

    Wow, thought everyone here would be using this by now. I do NOTHING before looking in here: http://www.tvracer.com

    Always right on and if there is ANY question he lists that as well.

    Can’t go wrong here guys……


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    Jim Derrig

    Don’t know if anybody else had this problem with Spa, but NBCSN repeatedly said it would air at 7:30 am eastern and this also was published in the local paper but instead we got Lucas oil off road and then hunting.  No F1 all day.

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    Once again my DVR recorded the race off NBC Sports no problem. It was completely done recording by the time I woke up today 10am mountain time.

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    Roberto Perez

    my DVR recorded the race at the time it was scheduled, without a problem…. 



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    Tim Doll


    My DVR recorded it perfectly off NBCSN using DirecTV.  What was your source, Comcast?


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    Jim Derrig

    Yep, comcast.  I clearly recorded NBCSN, as their logo was regularly displayed on the recording.  the DVR retained the settings and I had the right times programed.  My wild guess is that there is some sort of local provider option to select alternate programing and comcast either is consciously exercising it or is clueless and isn’t hitting the right buttons.

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