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      Kevin Reguera

      I recently picked up my first roller and I need a few things.

      Starting with the seat.  It’s going on a Topkart Flash and I’m thinking about throwing a 100cc on it.  I’m 5’06” and have a 34″ waist.  I want to be comfortable and would think those fully padded/carpeted Tillet seats look nice…heck if I know.  Maybe just a cheap seat and add padding? What seat do you guys like or would recommend for me?

      I also need a sprocket hub and I see the price differences are huge.  Are some better than others?  I saw the floating one and wondered what people thought of that design.

      Quality is my biggest concern, then price.

      Thanks for any input!

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      TJ Koyen

      As far as the seat is concern, your best bet it to go with something like a T11 from Tillett. That’s a great all-around seat that works well in all karts. I’m 5’7″, 29″ waist and I use a size 2 seat with some padding in it. The best idea is to sit in a few seats if you can to get an idea of size since everyone is a different shape.

      I also prefer to buy a seat and add my own padding to fill in the space and soften pressure points. For that, go to Target or Walmart or something and grab some interlocking foam mat like this: http://www.displays2go.com/P-14339/Portable-Floor-10-x-10-Charcoal-Grey-Foam-Mat?utm_source=google.pla&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GooglePLA&gclid=CMLPjsjXqMMCFQwaaQodUFwAsw and chop it up to fit the seat. Works great.

      Sprocket carriers all do the same thing, just get a TopKart one if you can, then you know it fits at least.

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      Kevin Reguera

      Awesome, thanks TJ!

      Unfortunately, there are no shops around for me to try out seats but at least now I have an idea what I should be considering.

      Thanks again

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      Sebastian Sarmiento


      If there’s no shop, may be go to the track where you are planning on running your kart and try other people’s seats?.

      Also know that the Tilletts will vary a bit in width, meaning a “large T12” will be wider than a “large T8”.

      Not the best, but another way to get at least an start is if you can find someone to hold (snug) two 2 by 10″ (or anything similar) against your hips while

      you seat on the floor adopting a kart seating position and HOLD the woods in place and measure.

      Then go here: https://www.tillett.co.uk/shop/documents/downloads/Kart%20seat%20dimensions%202014.pdf

      Good luck!

      I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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      Walt Gifford

      Finding the right fit is sometimes frustrating paying for return shipping ect. Do not buy a Tiltit it puts all the cornering pressure right on 1-2 ribs and it will mess up your back. Get a ribtech or a deepseat they both have sizing charts.

      Chassis parts that are branded with the kart name are the most expensive. You want the CKS Billet Aluminum Sprocket Hub. I’d stay away from floating sprocket mounts and anything wild.



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