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      Derek Lodato

      I am new to the sport of shifter karting so I am looking for feedback from seasoned veterans\experienced shifter karters on this topic.

      I recently disintegrated the rear brake rotor on a ROTAX SR125 just by barely slipping off the track surface and I lost all brakes (it was rear brake only chassis). There was a divot off the track in the exact place I threw a wheel off and boom (Metal parts everywhere). Very quick minor off road excursion and the rotor was gone.

      I’m putting together my GP10 Shifter and did some research. I was blown away by the cost of the rotors. VEN05 rear rotor is $200 and if you have Duralcan ceramic HA! forget about it .. the rotor alone is $750.

      Since I am new to this world I want to get an idea of the most frequently broken parts by experienced guys and gals out there. Could you list your top 5?

      Thanks in advance!!

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      Bob Baldwin

      derek: Are you talking Chassis only ?

      What motor are you planning on putting on ?

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      James McMahon

      I break my wallet a lot…

      Joking aside, if you keep it on the asphalt not a lot break on them normally. The CRG brakes are very expensive, but they are also very awesome.

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      Matt Dixon

      Exhaust springs are about the only that breaks regularly, granted you keep it on track like James said and you maintain your kart. Just as any kart check all nuts and bolts as 12,000 – 17,000 rpm’s tend to loosen everything…


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      Derek Lodato

      Thanks for your feedback James.

      In response to Bob, primarily speaking about the chassis itself however I’d like feedback on Chassis and Motor.

      I plan on running a ’99 or ’01 Honda CR125 Stock Moto with a PWM Carb with pump around system. Most likely a SK-1 Pipe and not sure about the silencer yet.

      I’d like feedback on Top 5 things that break most often on Chassis and Stock Moto Engine

      I understand normal wear and tear on engine such as rings and piston Top End builds but I’m more looking for things I should be aware of that actually break relatively often so I can stock up. I don’t want to have many down days waiting on parts if I don’t have to.

      Since I’m new to shifters, I’m personally unaware of parts that have a propensity to break often

      Please include your Top 5 surrounding Chassis, Engine and Radiator

      Thanks in advance for your feedback guys!!

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      Derek Lodato

      Thanks Matt .. Good to know. Keep the feedback coming please

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      James McMahon

      Keep coils and fuel pump diaphragms handy. Even better have a  spare, clean fuel pump.
      Head gaskets. Stator too if you can.
      Chassis wise, seat brackets and perhaps bearings and heim joints?

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      Ray Lovestead

      I’d say ‘consumables’ would be:

      air filter, air filter cleaner, air filter oil, fuel filter, fuel line, throttle cable, chain, any hardware that sticks out below the chassis (grinds down)

      Chassis:  front/rear bumpers on occasion will get ground down (front bumper on the bottom lip, rear bumper can grind against your tire).  Axles get bent.  Kingpins, kingpins get bent about once a year due to bumping something/someone.  Rear axle bearings wear out.  Rear axle gear teeth wear out.

      Engine:  ALWAYS keep a spare piston/ring/wrist pin/bearing.  You never know and it usually isn’t good.  Spark plugs, buy them buy the pack for use jetting.  Seals/gaskets, every time you take the cases apart it seems the gaskets get a little damaged.  You might want to consider a spare crank assembly.  Definitely need extra springs and viton rings for the pipe/manifold.  Spare base gaskets for the cylinder.



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      #1 thing that breaks on a shifter kart?

      My body.

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      Derek Lodato

      Thanks everyone for your feedback.

      Paul Makarucha… could you specifically let me know what on your body breaks the most? Top 5 please .. jk LOL

      Well now that we are on topic… lets open it up. See my next topic

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      Bob Baldwin

      Derek : Not sure if you are serious . As I am Not a DOCTOR but my neighbor 2 houses down from me is a Proctologist !!! Had this conversation once with him ,It appears that on BUMPY tracks your Glutamos Maximus , followed by Ribs ,Shoulders forearms and ankles would SUFFER the most DAMAGE . lol

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