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      steve waddle

      We’re new to karting so please forgive me for any easy or silly questions. Just some things we don’t know. Thanks guys.

      I need to add some weight to the kart.  I know it is a 5/16 th bolt but what does the bolt look like?  Maybe a link to one?  I know the bolt has to be double butted on.  Just not sure what the head of the bolt looks like.

      thanks guys!

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      Jim Stine


      I prefer a drilled bolt to double nut.



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      Mark Erpelding

      Go buy some 5/16 x3 “elevator bolts at Fastenall..   drill 2 holes in the heads approx. 3/16 “and use a inexpensive adjustable spanner wrench to hold them from spinning…

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      Brett Clatt

      I used M8x80mm flat heads with the counter sunk fender washer. Just use a grinder to put a flat spot in the end and then you can drill a hole for safety wire and double nut it.

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      Larry Stewart

      It depends on where you are putting the weight. If I’m handing it from tubing I use Grade 8 5/16″ minimum. I also go nuts and double nut with blue Lock Tight and drilled for safety wire. You can get drill blocks from any of the big kart shops on line.

      If your are mounting to seat I use carriage bolts 5/16″ minimum. Double nutted, Lock Tight, and drilled for safety wire.

      This is probably over kill, but I don’t want to get hit by a 5 lb. block of lead. Paint the lead white before you mount it. If  it dose come off everyone else has a better chance of seeing it on the track.

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      patrick j slattery

      I use 5/16 bolts that are rounded but have a screwdriver slot and fully threaded.  You can get them at most hardware stores.  Use a large fender washer for the inside of the seat, and a washer and two nuts on the other side.

      I dont like  carriage bolt, they are sometimes hard to get really snugged up because there is nothing to hold the bolt still while tightening, and they also put a bigger hole in the seat which i try to avoid

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      Vincent Ciolino

      If mounting them to the seat I use this kit.



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