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      Bob Spedding

      I noticed that there are some Yamaha KT100’s that have an “s” after it or an “sec” and other letters. What is the difference between them all? What does the letters mean??


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      Where do you find these letters at?
      And Are these casing numbers or stamps, by the builder?
      If this is an “S” stamped between the cylinder and the head, then it was stamped by the builder referring to a standard piston size and cylinder jug.

      The “SEC” part, I have no idea
      The only other important casing numbers to look for are on the right side of the motor, above the bottom end, and at the bottom of the cylinder ( 787 )

      I hope this helps, rather than creating more confusion, just my 2 cents. Fast Freddy.

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      Daniel Justice

      The letter(s) after 100 denote the type of KT100 you have. From what I understand, the KT100SEC is an electric start KT100, found in Australia only.

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