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    Robert DeGroff

    I’m taking off the 4-hole can and going to try this pipe on the old KT-100. What’s the hole in the header for? (see by my thumb). Should it be plugged? or left open?

    Pipe says “A-2″ on it and the flex piece is 3.75”. Going to try it and some other flex lengths.

    Little bit of rust on the exhaust, what’s the best way to make it look better?

    Thank you!

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    brian downing

    Exhaust Gas Temp probe.


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      Robert DeGroff

      Duh, I should have thought of that. THANK YOU!!

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    Daniel Justice

    For cleaning it up, just use a wire wheel on it. It will take the oxidation right off. Though when you come back from the track it will likely start oxidizing again, so it’s up to you if you want to clean it up every race. It will¬†look nice cleaned up though.

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